GMT II 16710 vs Ceramic GMTs and Pre-Owned Pricing

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GMT II 16710 vs Ceramic GMTs and Pre-Owned Pricing

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I've noticed a trend in the "classic" market regarding previously owned GMTs - most notably the GMT II 16710 model and the GMT 16700 model, both which preceded the ceramic GMT II 116710 model.

Back in 2010, nice GMT 16710 sets were readily available for approximately $3300 - $3500. Most of these watches were 10 to 15 years old, but still a good buy at the time. Fast forward now to the summer of 2016 and the pricing for nice GMT 16710 sets can be found selling in the $6400 - $6700. Prices have basically doubled in six years which isn't a bad return for your GMT 16710 if you purchased a used set back during 2009 or 2010. Of course GMT 16700s have also increased substantially during the same time, although they are much more difficult to find as a complete set and usually bring a premium over 16710 prices. The discontinued, "classic" GMTs have done well the past six years, very well indeed!!!

Now, let's look at its replacement, the GMT II 116710 ceramic model. It doesn't appear that buyers have warmed up to this model as well as the classic versions of the "Pepsi" and "Coke" but it seems to sell quite well, with previously owned models selling for $6,000 to $6500 which is is in the same price range as the classics. Personally, I see a trend here, with the classic GMTs appreciating in value yearly - surpassing the ceramic GMTs in value.

In anyone has been on the fence concerning a classic GMT 16710/16700 purchase, now might be a good time to "pull the trigger" on one of these classic GMT models. As their popularity continues to grow with both new and established collectors, the prices will surely continue to appreciate.

Let's see what others think and hear their opinions. Thanks in advance.

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